Contribution Guideline

Your contribution in Octopus Sensing could be by reporting bugs, requesting new features and code development.

Bug report and requesting new features

To report bugs and request new features, please create a new issue. To make sure the bug has not already been reported, please search under GitHub Issues. When you find no open issue that addresses your problem, create a new one. Make sure to include a title, clear description, as much relevant information as possible, as well as a code sample or an executable test case showing the expected bug happens.

Code Development

To learn about the code convention, code documentation and how to contribute in code development see Development.

Submit changes

Please send a pull request with a list of what you have done and an appropriate comment about your changes. To know more about pull requests, read pull requests document


Please contact Nastaran ( or Aidin ( if you have any questions or seek support.


Octopus Sensing Team